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30 DAKOTA PRAIRIE BREAD RECIPES and the Art and Science Behind Making Them

Published: 3/30/2022


Nothing tastes better than soft, fluffy homemade bread. And nothing is more disappointing than putting time and effort into making a loaf that turns out heavy and dry. That’s why I have worked tirelessly to combine the art and the science of baking bread to produce loaves that are both tasty and beautiful. In this book you’ll find step-by-step instructions, 30 tried-and-true bread and sweet roll recipes, homemade bread mix recipes, and a wealth of “did you know” tips and bread baking trouble-shooting hints. Once you learn this simple process (using either a bread machine or a mixer), you’ll be ready to bake your own family favorites, special breads for any occasion, and any kind of yeast bread that your heart and tastebuds desire!

In this 100-page book you'll find the basic bread making process: manage the temperature range of your recipe liquid so it supports optimal yeast activity and knead your bread adequately to activate the gluten. No fancy equipment, no unusual ingredients. Recipes include: White bread, white wheat, 100% whole wheat, cheese bread, flax bread, Ezekiel bread, overnight dinner rolls, caramel rolls, and more!

This is a no-fail bread-baking process you’ll want to share with everyone you know. And don’t miss my tips on recommended flour brands! 

So gather your flour, yeast, measuring spoons, appetites, and let’s bake bread!

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